The financing of political campaigns is an issue which affects decision making in our country. Unless politicians are funded by the people who elect them we cannot be certain that they will represent those people. Politicians also have a responsibility to other people when they are spending their money.

One problem with allowing big businesses to fund politicians and their campaigns (and sometimes their private lives in the case of Lowry, Haughey and Lawlor to name a few) is that the politicians become accountable to people and businesses which they are not elected to represent. This could mean that decisions taken might not be in the best interests of the nation.

I plan to be fully accountable, and so every cent received and spent for my election campaign and other campaigns will be listed here. This will include any monies received from the state as a refund of election expenses.

If you would like to donate money to my campaign, please use the “Donate” button below. Note that paypal will take a 2.2% commission from this. You can also contact me using the contact form, and I will provide you with my BIC and IBAN, if you wish to make an electronic transfer. Note that I will not accept donations from corporate entities. I can also not accept donations from anyone who is not resident in the Republic of Ireland.

Donations Received/Raised

Date Donor/Event Received Comment

25 February 2016

Relative, Co. Dublin


1st Feb 2016

Relative, Dublin 12


26th January 2016

Table Quiz in the Duke Bar


4th Nov 2015

Green Party Member, Dublin 12


10th Sept 2015

Green Party Member, Dublin 8


10th Sept 2015

Green Party Member, Dublin 12


10th Sept 2015

Collection box at Launch event


2nd Sept 2015

Pledged, Meath


Money Spent, or planned to be spent



Money Spent


March 2016

Annual maintance on website

Pillar Projects, Dublin 8

February 2016

Extended hire of bicycle to attend meetings

Dublin Bikes (in addition to annual fee)

February 2016

Promotion of Facebook Site



February 2016

Sending of bulk text messages



January 2016

Printing of DL leaflets to be used while canvassing


Speciality Print, Walkinstown, Dublin 12

January 2016

Printing of Posters (120) for the General Election

[60 were retained from the local elections in 2014]


The Printed Image, Fonthill Road, Dublin 22.

January 2016

Stationery for canvassing


Klee Paper, North Circular Road

January 2016

Printing of “Litir um Thoghchán”

€ 711.92

Tico Mail Works, Sandyford

Purchase of copy of register of electors
Dublin City Council

Purchase of copy of register of electors

Dublin County Council

10th September

Wine for election launch event


August 2015

Election Photographs


Travers Photography, Leonards Corner, Dublin 8

(Donations prior to the local elections 2014 have been archived here)

Other Contibutions / Donations made by Oisín Ó hAlmhain, as an individual

Public figures often make contributions to community organisations, clubs etc. I would like to point out that any such contributions that are made by myself to any such worthy causes come from me personally, and not from contributions or expenses. I was not in a position to make any such contributions during this election.

Candidate Declaration

Elected councillors must declare any financial information about themselves. Green Party/Comhaontas Glas members think that this should be available to voters before the election, to inform their decisions. My declaration from the 2014 local elections can be found at this link.

Other Financial Delarations by Oisín Ó hAlmhain, as an individual

it is also appropriate that people holding or running for public office declare their interests and debts.

My own include:

Mortgage with Dilosk Funding (vulture company who purchase mortgage from Bank of Ireland?ICS) on my home in Inchicore
Mortgage with EBS building society on a previous family home (apartment)
Shares in the 11th Irish Forestry Investment Plan (recently matured)
An owners share in the Viking Harbour Owners Management Company
Vice-Chairperson of the Inchicore Sports and Social Club

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