(Originally posted on 9th March 2016 on http://www.real-dublin.ie)
Thank you for visiting my web page.

I would like to thank the 1,410 people who gave me their number 1 vote in the General Election on the 26th February.

You can see an account of what was spent and where it came from by clicking the “Accountable Politics” tab to the left of this screen.

I intend to continue to work for you, so as to make Ireland a country where the citizens are in charge – give the community control over their own neighbourhoods by opening up communication between the public and institutions of the state.

A clean country – Get working on cutting down on derelict sites, footpaths which are covered in dogpoo, dumping and clutter, as well as reducing our carbon footprint.
A country planned for our citizens – insist on better planning, so that developers and vested interests don’t dictate what we build, so that our neighbourhoods are designed with everything needed for healthy and happy living.
An Ireland for people, not just cars – make it an easier city to get around on foot or on a bicycle.
A welcoming Ireland – Bring back the “Céad Míle Fáilte” – if Ireland is a safe and friendly place for locals, and for migrants and visitors, then it will be a pleasant place for all our citizens to live and somewhere tourists will be happy to visit.

As a scientist, I believe that the correct answers to problems come from facts, established by well designed research, and less from “expert opinion.” This means that I think policies should be based on realities and not opinions.

I believe that Green politics and the green economy is the only sustainable way forward. True democracy lies at the heart of green thinking. It will only be when we have local people making decisions that affect their own part of the planet that we will see change.

You can read more about me About Oisín tab (or a more extensive biography here) and about the different campaigns by clicking on the menu to the left of the page. You will also get the latest news from my blog on the right hand side of your screen. For older entries, click on the Oisin’s Opinions tab on the left of the page.

You can see some of the leaflets and literature I am using at this link. Additionally, you can compare what I am saying with my literature from previous elections.



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