15 years ago I started a website/ blog called Real-Dublin.com the week Bewley’s closed their iconic Westmoreland Street and Grafton Street Shops, and Starbucks opened.  I highlighted some unique features of the city with photographs and reviews

Dublin is fantastic, but it doesn’t have to copy every other city and town in the world to stay great.

Our uniqueness is what makes us special. Dubliners are always different, from James Joyce to Brendan Behan to Matt Talbot, it was never about “fitting in.” This website was originally about pointing out to visitors and Dubliners some of what we had. Now it is about rebuilding and protecting the “real Dublin.”
The Vikings built Dublin on the south Bank of the Liffey, somewhere near Wood Quay. The Liberties are an integral part of the real Dublin and should be a focus for the rebuilding of this unique City.
The city has been creeping east, mostly because that is where the well heeled and property developers live and own land. It seems like a shame to loose all the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Mansions in Dublin 4 to offices, and worse to let developers pull them down to build syyscrapers we don’t need. But the real Dublin is not “well heeled” so lets pull it back to where it belongs and rebuild our inner city so that there are plenty of jobs, almost within walking distance for the people of Crumln, Ballyfermot, Inchicore….

I think Facebook might now be the way to resurrect this project, so take a trip over to here to see more.