I’m delighted to have been involved in the successful Together for Yes campaign and that the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to remove the constitutional ban on abortion, and repeal the misguided 8th amendment on Friday 25th May 2018.

I was privileged, honoured and humbled to coordinate such a great crowd of people as turned out to canvass and leaflet. It was clear that it was the will of the people to change things when huge numbers of volunteers started turning out to every gathering.

It was great to work with the other parties too. This is new politics where we can work together when we need to work together. I think we now have an opportunity to work with this new politics, and the mandate we have to change things.

We still have a lot of work to do for women’s rights, for homelessness, for a healthy environment and to tackle poverty and to make this country a fairer and more just place. The referendum result has convinced me that we can do these things, and I’m going to keep on fighting for progressive politics.