I have the good fortune to pass through the Phoenix Park on my route to work every day. It’s a fantastic resource we have in the middle of our city (along with the rest of our parks) but sometimes it seems like we don’t appreciate or respect it enough.

(Edit: the Park was given an award for being one of the world’s best green spaces today! see Irish Times article here)

Green Ribbon list 8 reasons why city parks are important (click here) and I agree. The Park is the biggest enclosed city park in Europe and does all of those things mentioned in the article.

Having such a great park gives us a great opportunity to improve our physical exercise and so improve our physical and mental health. We can make it easier for people by treating the park better. Here are some ideas as to how we can put nature and people first in the park, and encourage more people to use it to better effect without overcrowding:

  • Reduce the speed limit to 30km/h on all roads other than the main roads
  • Develop car parking outside the park, and make it easier to get into the park from the Heuston Station car park (which is quieter at weekends when the park is busier)
  • Have a Dublin bus route serve inside the park.
  • Enforce rules on not parking cars on grass within the park
  • Restricting parking to 1-2 hours maximum in smaller car parks and parking spaces within OPW parks.
  • More zebra crossings for pedestrians
  • Change the priority of where cycle lanes cross roads: pedestrians and cyclists should have priority over motor traffic.
  • More cycle paths, including bidirectional paths circling the park to encourage younger people.
  • Let me know what you think in the comments below!
  • Oisín
  • Edit (April 2017) Comment from Another Commuter on Twitter (@dublin7commuter):

    relief solution needed (bus,cycle) to access zoo/pitches etc when very busy proper bicycle racks needed at all attractions.

    Walking-cycling-bus should be prioritised to access large events