Over 10 years ago when the DART underground was being planned, I called for a train station for Inchicore. A new plan is now being hatched, electrifying and upgrading the tunnel under the Phoenix Park, so that the DART network can extend westwards as far as Hazel Hatch (near Celbridge) It is called the DART+ project and you can see more details here: https://www.dartplus.ie/en-ie/home

Sadly, there is some short sightedness in the project and now new stations are being included for the people most effected by the project and living close to the line. I made the submission below asking that space would at least be left for building platforms at Sarsfield Road in Inchicore, serving Inchicore and Lower Ballyfermot, and interchanging with buses. I also support the people calling for stations in Cabra, Islandbridge (“Heuston West”) and one at Kylemore Road serving the centre of Ballyfermot and the new developments around Kylemore on the Naas Road.

Q.2 Do you support the principle of the DART+ South West Project?


Please expand on your answer

I believe that we need large scale public transport infrastructure so that the country can move away from private transport and help to reduce our carbon emissions. Public transfer serves a broader range of people in a better way, and joining the network together in this way is essential for mobility.

Q.3. Please detail the geographical location of where the Project is closest to you


Q.4. Please list the aspects of the Project are of most interest and explain why?

Electrification of the line and the increase in passenger capacity.

Q.5. Do you have any comments, suggestions, ideas on the Emerging Preferred Option being presented? Please share any other comments you have on the Project?

We need provision to be made for a railway station to be built at the Sarsfield Road railway bridge to serve the population of Lower Ballyfermot and Inchicore. I appreciate that this project does not include the building of railway stations, BUT, provision needs to be made at construction so that costs of adding stations later are not impacted. Leaving space for platforms here will future proff the project. With additional building coming on stream at Emmet Road, the population using such a station would be in excess of 14- 15,000 people (sum of 4 electoral areas + 1000 for new complex), and would help make Inchicore a destination rather than a thoroughfare. An interchange with buses on two bus connects corridors would also be possible.

I would also ask that the development of the new route take into account the biodiversity of the surrounding area, and that more trees would be planted (noting the problems of “leaf-slippage”) and that the areas in the CIE estate in Inchicore be refurbished after the works. I would also like to ask that if it were possible to spare the walled area in front of George’s Villas in some way.

Q.6. Will the improved services encourage you to change from travelling by private car to public transport

Yes, BUT, only if a railway station is provided for the population of Inchicore. Many car journeys could be taken out of the system if the 14-15,000 people living nearby were able to access the employment, education an leisure facilities on the DART network, at less than 15 minutes walk.